Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I Drive

1. Jonah Goldberg writes accurately of air travel outside of first class...

"The petty humiliations, the routine deceptions from airline employees desperate to rid themselves of troublesome travelers (“Oh, they can definitely help you at the gate!”), the stress-position seats, the ever-changing rules for what can and cannot be in your carry-on, being charged for food that the Red Cross would condemn if it were served at Gitmo: Air travel is the most expensive unpleasant experience in everyday life outside the realm of words ending in -oscopy."

2. While the TSA adds more frustration than security...

3. Finally, once glamorous air travel has become a bus system with wings.

Not entirely a business, not entirely an organ of the state, not profitable, not credit-worthy, not reliable, not customer friendly, not consistent, rewarding to run but not to invest in, the airline industry is everything you would expect from an economic arrangement that encourages the same kind of moral behavior you find on French farms and in dictatorships receiving large amounts of foreign aid.

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Brad DeVos said...

Wait until they unionize. What will happen when TSA goes on strike?