Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Same Old Idea

Coming soon, from the kind of progressive thinking that brought you "the worst car in history."

"Reliable, no-frills health care."

"Health care designed to make new economic sense."

"Everybody needs health care sometime."

and the marketing slogan that says it all...

"Introducing the same old idea."

Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

As the Economist writes, "The idea of a reliable, no-frills car from an exotic source attracted millions of dollars’ worth of media coverage.

The only flaw was the car itself. Even after strenuous efforts to raise quality control at the Zastava plant, it was still hopelessly unreliable, and obsolete by the standards of the modern auto industry. The verdict of outside commentators was damning and unanimous. For the price of a new Yugo, consumers would find a second-hand car (of almost any kind) better value."

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