Monday, January 18, 2010

IEA Climate Change Debate

From the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs, the granddaddy of free-market think tanks and one founded by a business intellectual.

Videos of the presentations at the IEA Climate Change Debate are available. The participants discussed the question: “Do Science and Economics Support Government Action on Climate Change?”

Each speaker provided a different perspective on the economics or the science. Debating the topic (in the order of the videos below) were: Prof. Fred Singer from Science and Environmental Policy Project; Nigel Lawson from The Global Warming Policy Foundation; Prof. Mike Hulme from the University of East Anglia; and Dr. Sam Frankhauser from the London School of Economics.

You can play the individual speeches or play a video of all four speakers.

Prof. Fred Singer
Nigel Lawson
Prof. Mike Hulme
Dr. Sam Frankhauser
All Four Speakers

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