Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Announcing The Bastiat Revival Movement

The Bastiat Society encourages our members and supporters to visit the Bastiat Revival Movement and their blog.

This blog helps you and your friends empower yourselves by sharing your ideas, comments, and stories on liberty and free markets with other Bastiat bloggers via Bastiat’s essays on political economy as featured in Micheal Reber's new free market economics activity book, "What Is Seen and What Is NOT Seen: Fun Systems Thinking Activities with Frédéric Bastiat" (release date early 2011).

About the organization:

Dr. Michael F. Reber, coordinator for the Bastiat Revival Movement, has a new blog located at He is also a featured guest on Republicans Abroad Radio for the new "Breakfast with Bastiat" morning talk show which is aired every third Thursday of the month at 10am at Each show will be a discussion on one of Bastiat’s essays in What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen. Shows will be archived once a month on his blog and can be accessed by clicking a “show link." To listen to the Prelude Show, which was aired on October 28th, 2010, regarding Dr. Reber's new book on Bastiat as well as the free market movement in Japan go to:

Please take a moment to visit the blog and join the discussion!

Also, if any of our members would like contribute their own essays to the blog please contact Micheal Reber directly at:

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