Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bastiat Revival Blog - Show #2 Online

Micheal Reber, creator of the Bastiat Revival Blog, continues his discussion on Republicans Abroad radio. You can listen to his segments online here.

Description of the segments:

Segment 3: Reber discusses Bastiat’s “The Demobilization.” He also talks about CPAC and states that “CPAC set the stage for current affairs and a need to re-evaluate the principles of limited govenment…” He comments on the “remarkable events” unfolding with Egypt…He mentions the need to be “supportive of the people and a shift in policy… For him, America should be the “shining city ” that President Reagan talked about…” whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” Reber also comments on the President’s State of the Union Address and the President’s remarks to the US Chamber of Commerce. Reber says that these two speeches expose the President’s socialist agenda, and Reber disputes the President’s assertion the government created the Internet,as well as made other so-called investments by government, to support business.

Segment 4: Reber concludes the interview by giving his personal views on the subject of foreign policy and agrees with Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who wrote, in closing her article of the Washington Post, “The Future of Democratic Egypt” on February 16, 2011, “…Turbulence preferable to the false stability of autocracy…This is not 1979, but it is not 1989 either. The fall of communism unleashed patriots who had long regarded the United States as a “beacon of freedom.” …the Middle East is different, but…”It is as true today as it was when I said in 2005 that the fear of free choices can no longer justify the denial of liberty. We have only one choice: to trust that in the long arc of history those shared beliefs will matter more than the immediate disruptions that lie ahead and that, ultimately, our interests and ideals will be well served.”

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