Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Creative with Creation

From the "Least Surprising News of the Week" file -

From ABC News

Creating Job Creation?
Lawmakers Question Obama Administration Stimulus Claims Vast Errors in Reporting Jobs Data Leave Lawmakers Angry at Numbers

A raft of reports of questionable or downright faulty jobs numbers -- including many uncovered by ABC News that show dozens of jobs created and millions of dollars spent in congressional districts that don't exist -- has cast a harsh spotlight on the jobs claims connected to the $787 billion stimulus package.

Leading members of Congress from both parties are promising increased scrutiny of the Obama administration's data on job creation, amid widespread errors in official stimulus data reported by the federal government.

The Obama administration stands by its claim that the stimulus "saved or created" 1 million jobs. But the reporting process has involved errors: The administration chose not to include some 60,000 jobs reported by recipients as products of stimulus spending, citing "unrealistic data."

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I'd still like to know how you would document a "saved" job.

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Ben Asa Rast said...

About saving jobs...

It gives a whole new meaning to the question, "Have you been saved?"

If someone saves your job, does that make him a savior?

Is saving jobs a one-time thing, or an ongoing process? Does a job savior have to start all over every single day? Seems like he would. Once a guy sets out to save jobs, it seems like he could never stop.