Friday, March 27, 2009

Conservatory of the Human Spirit

A Czech warns the United States that it is making the same mistakes Europe made in the 1930s, and warns us that we are on "the road to hell."

Chinese Communists ask uncomfortable questions about the claims-paying ability of the United States, and hint that they may move away from the dollar as a reserve currency because of reckless US government spending.

The Mexican government lectures the United States on free trade and international law.

The United States was once the unquestioned world leader in individual liberty, limited government, sound money, private property, the rule of law, and free trade.

Now, it takes the rest of the world to remind us of our historic guiding values, and to warn us of the dangers that lie down any other path.

At least it is encouraging to find these values expressed in places far and wide. These values are the conservatory of the human spirit. So long as they exist somewhere, there is hope. 

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