Saturday, March 28, 2009

April Monthly Meeting

Our Bastiat Society meeting for April will be on our usual first Wednesday of the month, April 1. Kathy Gornik, president of Thiel Audio and past president of the Consumer Electronics Association, will be our speaker,

A few days ago, Kathy testified before Senator Orrin Hatch's subcommittee on the administration's proposed "card check" legislation, which would eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing elections and allow federal arbitrators to resolve differences between unions and management, in effect, putting federal bureaucrats in control of all aspects of unionized businesses. Kathy was against it - and explained eloquently why.

During her tenure at the CEA, she converted this large organization to a free market point-of-view that is now clearly expressed in their ads - an astonishing and important achievement.

Her talk will be "A Question From the Trenches: Why Do Those Who Work In Freedom Not Know How Freedom Works?"

We hope to see you on the 1st! Bring your friends.

Please R.S.V.P to April Herrea

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