Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Mercurius Society

The Mercurius Society is a London-based group with goals very similar to the Bastiat Society.  Its web site describes the Mercurius Society as follows:

"The Society was launched in London in September 2007. Since its establishment, the Society has brought together young business leaders and entrepreneurs for topical discussions with high-profile guest speakers. Mercurius Societies have been formed in other cities in Europe. The Society seeks to link those in the private sector who share the concepts of limited government and individual liberty with their counterparts in think-tanks, politics, academia and the media. The mission of the Mercurius Society is to strengthen support for free enterprise; enlist business leaders into the free market community; and encourage them to take pride in their role as the creators of prosperity."

I've added a link to the Society under "Free Market Links."

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