Thursday, October 18, 2007

November Monthly Meeting

We often hear that the business community must do more to support education. But before business people rush to contribute their time and money, they should seek the answers to some fundamentally important questions.

What role should the State play a role in educating America's children? Are government schools compatible with a free society? Is it possible to have a free market in education?

C. Bradley Thompson, the Executive Director of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism, will examine the destructive effects of "public" education in America. He will critique the principal assumptions behind government schooling, and he will call for fully private system of education. Thompson will present a principled argument for a free market in education that begins with the rights and responsibilities of parents to provide for the education of their own children.

DATE: Thursday, November 8th
LOCATION: Imaging Arts Gallery, 175 King Street, Charleston, SC
TIME: 5 pm reception, 6 pm speaker
RSVP: Stephanie Whitener

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