Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'll Sue Ya

A great article by Ralph Reiland in The American Spectator on the effects of ridiculous law suits. Some of the highlights:

* no full service at full service gas stations
* no seesaws on playgrounds
* no more games of tag during recess
* no way to control student misbehavior
* no open windows in high rise buildings

And everywhere you look, warnings, warnings and more warnings:

* do not use a hairdryer in the shower
* do not put a toilet bowl brush in your mouth
* do not eat the toner from a laser cartridge
* do not use a wheelbarrow on the highway

Perhaps music says it best. This is a video from the musical satirist Weird Al Yankovic. It's called "I'll Sue Ya." It's done in the style of the group Rage Against the Machine, a notoriously anti-capitalist bunch of musicians who fancied themselves carriers of a revolutionary message. That makes Yankovic's satire even better.

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