Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Hand of Poker

Here's a response via the Bastiat Society web site from an 82 year-old poker player, Pat Black, who disagrees with my post on business and poker.

I've heard it's a good idea to never accept an invitation to play poker with anyone named after a city or a state. Maybe we should add, "or anyone 82 years old named Black."

Subject: poker

Mr. Rast,
Read your letter to Financial Times on above subject. Obviously managing other peoples money has not brought you into the real world of business. I am 82 and have done business in 58 countries over the years I am also a poker player since the age of 15. I can tell you my poker skills were a big advantage. If you have ever negotiated with a king, or a president, or a general over an upcoming project, you would understand. No, one does not want to get something for nothing but they want to get the best deal they can. If McDonalds didn't make the fries, it is simple, I wouldn't pay and move on to Burger King.

Business involves a lot more than customer service. Harvard can't be
that bad.


Pat Black

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