Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bastiat Gets Some Love...and Gets Dissed in Springfield

First, the love...

Lilly: Principles must be defended, liberty reclaimed | | Springfield News-Leader

Then the dis...

Government needs to adapt to times | | Springfield News-Leader

Now let me summarize the dis:

"Anything written before today is worthless. The Ethics of Aristotle, the poetry of Dante, the plays of Shakespeare, the novels of Dickens, and everything else that was written before some unspecified date in the modern world is as useless as an old loaf of bread. Only what is modern counts."

But, curiously, the writer reaches back to a dead white male for validation. Thomas Jefferson, nonetheless. And as you might suspect, the writer misses Jefferson's point.

Jefferson wrote his words at a time when freedom was the "new coat" and loyalty to state experts was the "old."

Reverting to rule by experts who know better is not "government adapting to the times." Rather, it is a throwback to the kind of world Jefferson and his peers attacked and successfully conquered in the American Revolution.

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