Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Anyone?

There has been much ado this week regarding the Tea Party convention being held in Nashville, TN. Most pundits now agree that the Tea Party movement is a legitimate force; however, according to most media outlets, the organizers are having a hard time "getting their act together" and "forming a solid platform" with a "positive message." If that is the measure of a successful movement, then the GOP and the Democratic National Party both have a long way to go. What the pundits must understand is that the Tea Party movement has no formal leadership, is not trying to form a "solid platform," and is not attempting to provide a "positive message." This is a grass-roots movement which wants what Bostonian Samuel Adams did in 1773 - freedom from an oppressive and unresponsive government. This ideal is message enough, and does not require a platform.

NPR has a good article on the Tea Party convention and what they hope to accomplish.

Listen to it here.

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