Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blame the Greedy Rich

The Economist warns of rising resentment of the rich. The comments section includes some ripe invective and occasionally struggling English:

* "Those who you call wealth producers I call parasites. What they do is shuffle money around and draw interest and fees actually reducing the capital that can be used for production."

* "Have you ever watched a "Laissez-Fairest" play Monopoly? "It" takes 99% of the money in the bank for itself and gives 1% to everyone else."

* "The riches cannot think for themselves, they are too greedy to see beyond their noses. They have become a parasitic burden for the society. Time to shake the shoulders of the world is near."

* "The rich are untouchable because they own the politicians. Its extreme capitalism of the worst kind for the mass of the population and salmon and champagne socialism for the rich....and their lackeys."

* "No wonder we normal people have a sense of revolt against them. They look more like gangsters robbing banks than bank employees."

* "The rich have always felt entitled to loose the poor's money as they so fit, this only a continuation of history."

* "A few stones falling or a few heads rolling seem to extract a disproportionate sympathy from The Economist."

* "They are more deserving of the Guillotines than the French Nobility in 1790s, and by a very wide margin at that."

* "But for those Modern Day Robber Barons & Thieves, to escape with a PUNCH in the Face & getting Knocked Out (KO'd) is being Mercifull, and a small price to pay for their Transgressions & Theft!!!!!

Back in the day of the "French Revolution" it would've been: "Off with their Heads"!!!!!!

Now it's up to us, the almost OLD so-called ADULTS. We must insure that there's not only Reform (as the article espouses) but Punishment as well."

* "The sad, ugly reality is that 1% of a special breed of humanoids control & own over 90% of the global wealth: a heinous tribe who abuse, mis-use & treat the rest of humanity as disposable pawns, to be utilised any-which-way-they-can, to further their insatiable selfish desires & amass even more wealth for themselves!

* "We've seen what the rich do, they buy the government and use it to run the country their way. Tax the greed right out of the system."

* They control Newspapers, Think Tanks, companies ... almost all our live. They are the ones with the resources to finance bright intelectuals just for inventing ideologies that justify their position in society as deserved or at least necessary."

* "I think the average people are clearly showing a lot of restrain, because as I see it the place of "the lords of the universe" is on the street light posts, hanged by their fat necks.*

Here is my modest contribution to the "discussion":

"May I respectfully remind your readers of what happened in Europe the last time Social Progressives went on a witch hunt for a prosperous but politically unpopular minority?"

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