Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ward Three Morality

"What you must realize, above all, is the rich no longer control the economy and its mores. Ward Three people do, and their rule has just begun."

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Dagny said...

Ward Three brings to mind the descriptive English expression 'po faced.' It would be the Ward Three folk who find Sarah Palin, Wal-Mart, and things like sports and '24' intolerable. They may resent the masters of the universe, but who they really can't stand is 'middle America' with their pedestrian values and vulgar taste. Yet it is the 'Married With Children' segment that Ward Three wants to tell what to do while they spend tax revenue. The poor of course have no agency and merely acted upon by the negative forces of society; they need paternalism, but it must be a sensitive PC paternalism. Ward Three assumes we all want a Prius and if we don't we're just to uneducated to understand why its what we really want.