Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Dreams of Unknown Men

All eyes are focused on Washington these days. That is just the way the folks in Washington like it. Washington is The Greatest Show on Earth, the World's Largest, Grandest, Best Amusement Institution. Barnum & Bailey has finally met its match.

But there is a far more important and impressive show happening somewhere else. You can find it wherever individuals labor to discover new and useful knowledge: in garages and office cubicles; in buses, trains and commuting cars; in living rooms and across kitchen tables; in easy chairs and taxi cabs. Here, in places like these, wealth is truly created, not just moved around. Here, in places like these, the economic life of the nation rises and falls. Here, millions of individuals satisfy their basic need for security and status through a process of mutually beneficial trading, independent of what happens in the circus tents of Congress

Our economic salvation does not lie in the glitter and pomp of Washington; it lies with the dreams of unknown men.

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