Friday, July 4, 2008

Start a Revolution!

The Declaration of Independence is one of those documents everyone talks about and nobody reads. In the spirit of the 4th of July, I once again offer the meaning of the original document expressed in modern idiom.

Date: July 4, 1776

To: Posterity

CC: Government

From: Second Continental Congress, Philadelphia

Subject: "We're Not Going to Take it, Anymore"

God knows, sometimes a man has to stand on his own two feet. We think that time is now. Let us explain what we're about to do and why. We know you'll understand.

Who do you think should run your God-given life? You, or the government? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face: you should. The government is here to protect your life, not to run it. When it tries to run your life, you have the right to say no. If it gets really pushy, you have the right to tell it to drop dead. Of course, you shouldn't cause big trouble for nothing. It's best to put up with most of the crap in the world. It's not a perfect world and never will be. But when a government keeps insisting that it owns your life and all your stuff too, you have the right to start a revolution.

Well, we're starting one, right here, right now. Here's why. If this list doesn't convince you, nothing will:

1. The government is ignoring its duty to protect us.
2. The government won't allow us to handle all the business that it ignores.
3. The government won't allow us the right to vote on our laws and our taxes.
4. The government has made it difficult for us to protest.
5. The government has stripped all power from any of us who disagree.
6. Power to the people! But until we get this mess straightened out, the government is inviting all kinds of trouble, and we're the ones who are going to have to deal with it.
7. The government refuses to let us live where we want to.
8. The government refuses to let us peacefully settle our own disputes in our own courts.
9. The government insists on treating our judges like its puppets.
10. The government is growing too big, too fast, and it cost too much.
11. We are occupied by the government's army.
12. The government keeps us quiet at the point of a gun.
13. No matter what we say, the government keeps trying to run our lives. For example:
a. There are a lot of soldiers with guns around here

b. These soldiers are killing people, and nobody does a thing.

c. The government won't let us trade with the rest of the world. We can't earn a living.

d. We have to pay taxes, but don't have any say in which ones or how much.
e. Kangaroo courts.
f. Kangaroo justice.

g. The government intimidates innocent people.

h. The government makes up its own rules.

i. The government usurps the power of the people.

. The government kills innocent people.
k.The government kills more innocent people, and destroys their property.

l. The government kills even more innocent people.

m. The government takes innocent people captive, and forces them to kill other innocent people or be killed.

n. The government encourages Indians to kill innocent people.

It's not our fault that it has come down to this. God knows we've tried to get along. But the government insists on treating us like slaves.

The rest of the civilized world isn't listening to us. We've warned them about what's going on. We've asked for their help, begged for it, really. But they have ignored us, even though we speak the same language and share many family ties. Now we have no choice. Reluctantly, we are forced to call them our friends if they don't fight us, and our enemies if they do.

That's the way we see it. Who are we? We represent the United States of America. We ask the Big Guy upstairs to help us do the right thing for the right reasons. Power to the people! The old government is finished. It doesn't matter anymore. If we want a war, we'll decide that, no one else. If we want peace, we'll decide that, too. It's our business if we want to trade and make money.

As of right now, it's our country.
We hope like hell we're right and this thing works.


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