Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need a Speaker? Try Bastiat!

Do you need a speaker for your next event?

Are you looking for a speaker who can entertain and inform your audience?

Want to hear some good news?

Consider inviting the Bastiat Society to provide a speaker for your next event!

The Bastiat Society is a non-profit organization created to spread the message that business is an inherently moral as well as uniquely productive form of social organization.

The Society may be able to provide a speaker for your next convention or trade show. It may also help arrange speakers for civic, fraternal and social organizations. Our favorite topics include:

* Business People: Heroes of the Modern World
* The Engine of Progress
* Business and Society
* Why Politics is Not the Answer (Usually)
* Business, Faith, and Reason
* The Merchant Ape

Why use the Bastiat Society?

* We deliver a unique message: the world is getting better, and business is the key
* You work directly with your speaker, not a bureau
* We are experienced
* We are very affordable

As a non-profit organization, our message is more important than collecting a fee. If you can make a contribution to the Bastiat Society, we will gratefully accept it, but a contribution is not required. However, we do ask you to cover travel and lodging, if necessary.

To check available dates or request more information, click here to email Ben Rast, President of the Bastiat Society.

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