Friday, February 22, 2008

Skin on the Wall

Mark Cuban, American entrepreneur and billionaire, makes a point about the media and ambitious government prosecutors. From an interview in GQ...

"...look at the way the media handled Barry Bonds. They never pay attention to the fact that no one in government ever gets fired for trying to put a skin on the wall. They’ll only get promoted—other than Nifong from Duke.

Nifong was an extreme case.

It wasn’t an extreme case. He was just stupid enough to drive it in the media with his own name. You don’t know the guys behind the Barry Bonds investigation. You don’t know that someone’s not saying, “If I can only get Barry Bonds, I’ll be the stud in this government office.” Barry Bonds can’t sue the person who’s trying to make him a poster child. To spend however many years of government money to prove something that happened four years ago—what does it accomplish for the American people?"

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