Monday, June 4, 2007

What Does the Bastiat Society Aim to Accomplish?

The Bastiat Society’s mission is to accomplish five socially important goals:

1. Defend business people as the most important agents of human material progress. They are the real anti-poverty heroes.

2. Explain the virtuous and moral role that business people serve in market economies. They are ethical leaders.

3. Improve the business community’s appreciation and understanding of the necessity for a large, international, and influential class of intellectuals sympathetic to capitalism. Ideas are capitalism’s main defense.

4. Redirect the philanthropic flow of business-created wealth to institutions that will defend and promote capitalism – rather than work to destroy it.

5. Promote our members’ businesses, by building an international network of the highest quality, integrity and mutual respect. The Society is a place to do first-class business.

The Society accomplishes its mission through monthly meetings, its web site and blog, conferences, and the Bastiat Society Awards in Public Policy, Culture, Business and Academics.

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