Saturday, May 26, 2007

Study Finds BBC is Too Easy On Business

The BBC's coverage of business isn't critical enough, according to an independent review, reported by TheFinancial Times.

The report found no systematic bias against business. However, it did express concerns about business journalism that was a little too friendly. The report highlighted an interview with Bill Gates that it said was "at times sycophantic in tone." It also pointed out a number of interviews with Stuart Rose, CEO of Marks and Spencer as being "too uncritical."

No doubt this comes as a great surprise to business people. They didn't realize the BBC was such a chum.

For a different opinion on bias at the BBC, check out this interview with Robin Aitken, author of the book Can We Trust the BBC? Mr. Aitken spent 25 years at the BBC.

The video comes from 18Doughty Street, a UK web site that advertises itself as "politics for adults."

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