Saturday, December 31, 2005

Speakers 2005

February – Ed Kopko, “Today’s CEO: Villain or Hero?” - Chairman and CEO of Butler International, Inc; Chairman and CEO of CE Group and Chief Executive Magazine

March – Ben Rast, “How Markets Make Better Schools”- Senior Vice President - Wealth Advisor Morgan Stanley,THE RAST GROUP

April - Geoff Segal, “Privatization in SC…And Beyond.” - Director of Privatization and Government Reform Policy at The Reason Foundation

May - Dan Peters, “Voting With Your Feet: Why We Need Choice in Education” - President of the Ruth and Lovett Peters Foundation

June - William Sandberg, “Can Government Create Entrepreneurs?” – Associate
Professor of Management - Moore School of Business, University of South

July - Richard Ebeling, “Abolish the Welfare State? Yes, Business and Charity Would Do a Far Better Job!” - President of the Foundation for Economic Education

August - Peter T. Calcagno, Ph.D, “The Economics of Politics: Markets vs. Collective Decision Making” - Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Finance - College of Charleston

September - Ronald Bailey, “Liberation Biology, or Why You Should Relax and Enjoy the Brave New World of Immortality, Stem Cells and Designer Babies.” - The Reason Foundation

October - Dr. Robert Sade, “Prohibition of Organ Sales: An Incoherent and Unjust Policy” - Professor of Surgery and Director of the Institute of Human Values in Health Care at MUSC, Medical Director of LifePoint (South Carolinas organ procurement agency), and Speaker of the House of Delegates of the South Carolina Medical Association

November - Ben Rast, “Four Views of Human Progress” - Senior Vice President - Wealth Advisor Morgan Stanley,THE RAST GROUP

December - Dr. Richard A. Bilas, “The Failure of Electricity Restructuring in California — How Government Can Take a Good Idea and Make it Fail” - Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission

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